1. Netiquette for Students in Primary Schools

Netiquette means having good manners when you are using the Internet. These are some things to remember when you send e-mail or other on-line messages:

Using all capitals is like SHOUTING. Try using *asterisks* instead
Use your best writing. Remember to use capital letters, where appropriate, as well as punctuation and proper spelling
Give your message a subject
Keep the password to your computer and other material secret! Do not even tell your best friends
Do not tell anyone your surname, address, or where you live, your home telephone number, or which school you go to
Do not give out pictures of yourself or of those you know, or other personal information
Ask your parents, or other adults, for permission to download games, plug-in programs, and other material, before registering to participate in competitions, and before you give your e-mail address to anyone
Tell your parents, or other adults, if someone sends you pictures you think are disgusting or nasty, or if you see such pictures on the Internet
Remember that no one can force you to do anything! If you talk to someone in a chat room and you are asked a question you do not want to answer, you must not answer. Be polite and respect others opinions
Never reply to disgusting or nasty e-mail, for example from people in chat rooms. You should leave the chat room instead
Don’t participate in flaming (sending rude or insulting messages to others)
Remember that the people you meet on the Internet are not necessarily the people they say they are!
If you choose to meet someone you got to know on the Internet, you must * never * meet the person alone! An adult must accompany you on the first meeting, and this meeting should take place in a public place, not at anyone’s home
Do not be fooled into accepting offers that appear unusually good – they will normally be some kind of trick
Use your head and the Internet can be a fantastic place that opens up the world for you. Be smart and you will have many an exciting and memorable experience!

Acknowledgments: The Norwegian Board of Education and Joni Turville (Netiquette for Educators at http://www.techlearning.com/db_area/archives/WCE/archives/netiquet.htm)